Day 3

We rested on Sunday (well, mostly – really we did), so Day 3 started on Monday, and boy, was it a doozy. I had to work, so I got the kids and myself up and out of the house by 8:30, shipping Mace and MaraJade to friends’ houses for the day (THANK YOU, Makelle & Kara!), Tristen to school, and me to Vancouver.

I reminded PJ to call the cabinet/countertop guy and let him know we were a day behind schedule. Well, turns out he never received my email regarding when to template for the countertops (yeah, right!), so the soonest they can come to template is next Tuesday, with an install date of May 22!!!! That’s 3 weeks with no sink, cooktop or counters! I’m trying not to have an aneurysm at work, and PJ works it out with Dennis to go to another countertop supplier, they get a quote ($500 more than what we paid) to template tomorrow & install on Monday. I’m somewhat appeased, until PJ reminds me that they only take cash or check. Well, unfortunately, we don’t actually have $4000 laying around to hand over (particularly when we’ve already paid for counters), so I start panicking more at work, trying desperately to move money around and locate the cash we need. Fortunately, when he calls our original counter guy back and offers him the option of meeting the new suppliers’ dates – lo and behold – our guy calls right back and says they’ll be out first thing in the morning to template! Amazing how that works, isn’t it?

By now it’s 3 pm, I’ve spent much of my day in an utter panic, and need to finish up work and get home. Dennis, after much scraping and prepping by PJ and him, is ready to lay the floor. I come home to see actual new floor!! Woo hoo!

It really gets moving after that, with Dennis (and helper Jason) finishing the floor while Boyd (and helper Tony) installs the base cabinets. And so, by 7 pm, we have this:

It looks like a kitchen!!

Oh, yeah – and Tristen got to visit the emergency room and get 2 staples in the back of his head. Apparently it isn’t a good idea to throw yourself backwards on the couch when there are drawers with sharp corners sitting there. *sigh*

Then I primed and painted the ceiling and we painted the exposed parts of the walls and went to bed around 2 am, ready to do it all again!


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