Day 2

The ceiling after PJ and I mudded into the wee hours of the morning:

The ceiling after Boyd fixed it for us:

With Boyd and Dennis as our fearless leaders again, Day 2 was all about fixing and prepping – most of the electrical/lighting was done the day before, so today was all about mudding/taping/sanding/texturing the ceiling and former soffit areas. And then tearing up the old floor and getting it prepped as well. A very long day with seemingly little progress, but very necessary. Oh, and many trips by the gophers (Ronan and myself) to Home Depot/Lowe’s (we much prefer HD now, BTW). And it was the last day with the kids at Grandma’s, so we were racing to get things livable/safe for their return.

Oh, and the monsoon! Holy cow! Luckily everything was safely put away when the freak storm hit around 4:30.


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