Kyle Maureen Flanagan Kochel – 1952-2009

My aunt Kyle passed away last night after fighting cancer for about a year. It was very sudden – we didn’t know it had spread to her lungs and brain until last week, and she’d only had 1 radiation treatment, so at least she didn’t suffer overly.

Unfortunately, we weren’t particularly close; she lived far away and battled drugs and a difficult lifestyle for much of my young years, but overcame all that, pulled herself together, and had a baby at 40. She loved her son Brandon desperately and lived for him. They always lived in San Diego and I saw her a few times in my life, but heard many stories from my mom and Aunt Linda. I can’t imagine losing one of my 4 sisters, no matter how close we were/weren’t. I’m very sad for my mom, aunt and grandparents.

And so here is a brief retrospective of Kyle:

Four Generations of Flanagan Ladies
Back Row L-R: Auntie Kyle, Auntie Linda, Dee (Linda’s daughter), Momma
Next Row: Andi, Zoe (Andi’s daughter), Mel, Grandma Donna

Grandpa Joe, Grandma Donna, Auntie Kyle, Auntie Linda, Momma – circa 1986?

Auntie Kyle, Momma, Auntie Linda – circa 1960?
I know that Heavenly Father called her home when her time here was done – not sooner, not later. I find comfort in knowing where she is and how happy she must be now.

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