Viva Las Vegas?

PJ had a conference in Vegas – like he does every year – and this year, I actually got to go! So it was 3 1/2 days of lying around the pool, eating good food, and talking to people I pretty much don’t know.

It was nice; our hotel – the Red Rock Casino/Hotel – was fabulous and made us feel like we were more special than we actually are; I spent many hours either at the pools or in my giant tub, slept in and napped each day; and generally lazed around.

However, I don’t think Vegas is really my town. It’s flashy and fancy and all that, but it felt a bit soulless to me. I guess I wasn’t expecting that. And it felt very desperate and kind of sad. I liked that our hotel was not on the Strip, it was newer and therefore not as smoky and grimy, and we had a beautiful view of the canyon. So, overall, it was relaxing and the accomodations were nice, but I don’t think I’ll go out of my way to head back to Vegas. And 3 1/2 days was plenty – I was definitely ready to go home. Guess I’m just a homebody. 🙂

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