Tristen is 7!

To commemorate my little Valentine turning 7, here are a few of the things that make Tristen, well, Tristen:
  • The PJ Clone: I don’t know how PJ managed to clone himself so completely, but T is so much like his father, it’s scary. From the beginning, he’s looked just like him, has the same interests, the same food preferences, the same FEET for goodness’ sake. Aside from his eyes and dimple, you’d think I had nothing to do with the kid.
  • Video Games: ever since he was old enough to watch Dad play and hold a controller of his own, he’s been hooked, and he’s amazingly good at them.
  • Basketball: again, following Dad’s lead, has had a natural love and ability for the sport, and loves playing on a team for the first time.
  • Always the lover: even though he’s getting older and less “demonstrative”, he’s always been very lovey with Mom and Dad. He’ll just come running out and give us a big hug, then run off again.
  • His notes: he loves to make notes for us and bring them out, complete with Batman stickers. My faves: “Mom and Dad. You have bin meen.” This after being grounded from video games for some offense. And another: “I am rilee soree for beeing rilee bad.” After a particularly difficult night.
  • His laugh: he’s less joyful than Mace, but when something tickles Tristen, he just laughs and laughs, and it’s a delight to see.
  • Puzzle Man: that kid can solve a puzzle like you wouldn’t believe. Whether it’s a jigsaw, a video game, or just a problem he’s interested in, he’s quite the puzzle solver.
  • Big Brother: now with Mace it’s different, because they’re closer in age and share a room and all – but with MaraJade, he’s always been super loving and willing to help, even when she’s being a brat.

Tristen was my first baby, and he made parenting seem so easy I thought “I can do this 6 more times, no problem!” He’s still my most even-keeled kid overall, and it’s exciting to watch him mature.

I know he will grow into a thoughtful, caring young man – and if there’s a way to play video games for a living, he’ll find it!


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