The best presents EVER!

Saturday was the boys’ family party. We had all 3 sets of grandparents and several aunties here to celebrate. Of course the presents were the highlight of the party, in particular this one:

PJ’s mom works with a man who does these sketches – we have a family one with all of us as “Super” people. It’s pretty cool. Anyway, we knew Mace was going to love his “Mace Racer” (that’s what we call him), and he soooo did. You should have seen his smile when he opened it.

Present rundown for Mace:

  • Mace Racer sketch
  • Shake n Go dragsters
  • Ben 10 Omnitrix watch
  • Diego flashlight & compass watch
  • Razor scooter
  • Transformers helmet and pads
  • Gymboree jammies


  • Electric Razor scooter
  • Ben 10 Omnitrix watch
  • Didj game
  • Guess Who? game
  • Connect Four game
  • Gymboree jammies
  • Ramp for scooter/skateboard

They were – according to Mace – “the best presents ever!!”

And as Tristen went whizzing down the street on his electric scooter, all we heard was, “Thank youuuuu!”

Oh, and PJ said the cake was the best I ever made. That’s an amazing thing for him to say. All in all, a good day.


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