At Tristen’s school, they had an Awards Assembly, where each teacher nominated 1-4 kids from their class for each of about 15 categories, and Tristen got one! I remember the Awards Assemblies from grade school, where you’d keep waiting to see if your parents showed up, because if they did, you knew you were getting an award. Well, these days they let the kids know ahead of time, probably to remind the parents in case they didn’t get the announcement in the mail, or forgot or whatever. So no surprising the recipient, but that’s OK.

Anyway, it was also “Fancy Dress Day” for School Spirit Day, and Tristen was totally excited to wear his suit to school. He was a big hit in his class, with everyone saying he looked just like the principal. The new principal, Mr. Long, is great. He’s really turned morale around this year, and does great at the assemblies. There was a “red carpet”, he was decked out in a tux, and had found specific music for each of the awards presented.

Tristen got the Citizenship award, which means: “These students are consistently good sports, take turns, and willfully share. These studednt show responsibility by following school and room rules, and help others when needed. These students help make Campbell a better place.” His teacher is always saying what a help he is in class, how responsible he is. And while this shocks me to a certain extent, I’m super proud of him and think maybe I haven’t completely messed him up. Way to go, Tristen!


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