Ah, Utah. Land of Promise?

Is it un-Mormon of me to hate Utah? Well, not hate, exactly. More like harbor intense feelings of resentment for it.

Why do I feel this? Is it because it is touted by all who live/lived/grew up there as the pinnacle of everything? Because, of course, their temples are the most beautiful, their wards are “functional”, their healthcare system is perfect, their educational system is brave and defiant, their unemployment is low, their cost of living is better, and any other reason one could think of for living there instead of here.

So, yes, I really am just mad at Utah for taking all the great people who have dared to live here in the soulless state of Oregon and sucking them back into paradise. Well, what about the rest of us? We still stick it out here, trying to raise our families in this den of iniquity. How many friends do we have to say good-bye to, to wish well, as they go off to better, more beautiful lives in the “Promised Land”?

Or am I just mad because I’m jealous and there’s no way we could move there. Hmm…..
All the same, I really want to stop the exodus of all our great people. Please, Utah, leave us a few.

And no, I won’t retract this rant.


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