Mace is 5……Finally

I don’t believe I have ever seen a child more excited for a birthday. Truly.

For some reason, ever since he turned 4, Mace has wanted to be 5. We don’t know if he expected something amazing to happen, if it was just because Orson was 5, or if it’s because it’s his favorite number, but he has been waiting for this day all year.

For the last 2 weeks, every day he would ask, “Am I 5 yet?” “How many days til I’m 5?” And so at midnight last night, we went into his room and told him, “You’re 5!”

All day, whenever the number 5 would come up, he’d say, “That’s me! I’m 5!”

So often, I feel we (well…I) focus on the negatives of Mace: how difficult he can be; the crying; the perfectionism; the falling apart & fits.

And so, in honor of 5 years of Mace, I thought I’d relate a few of the things that make living with him wonderful – a few Mace-isms:

  • “Yessssss!” (Whispered/hissed with glee in response to something good happening to him.)
  • “Awwww!” (Complete with full-body slump in dejection when something doesn’t go his way.)
  • “Eggnog is my favorite milk.” (Mine too, Mace. Mine too.)
  • “Rrrrrr….This is a long prayer!” (‘Nuff said.)
  • The Mace-Mace dance. (Can’t believe we never captured this on video – picture the Snoopy dance, but with head down, knees turned in, looking at the floor from side to side.)
  • How he will only sleep on top of his covers because he passionately hates having to make his bed.
  • Shoving little wads of Kleenex up his nose because he was tired of me making him “Blow” during his cold. That’ll fix it!
  • His love of Potty Talk. Just say “butt” and listen to him giggle.
  • His future plans: He’s Speed Racer and Emma is Trixie. And so it will be.
  • Whatever he happens to love at the time, he does so passionately, with all his being.

So Happy Birthday, my Mace Mace. May you always find joy in the little things around you; may you always be thrilled to get Dollar Tree toys.
We know you will change your world. We are honored to be witnesses to all that is you.
Love, Mommy and Daddy


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