As I sit here, whiling away valuable time from my day, reading other fabulous moms’ blogs, I can’t help but wonder, what the heck is wrong with me?

So many of these moms post daily, with self-deprecating wit and poignant prose, complete with pictures depicting their beautiful families in their beautiful, new, fabulously decorated (complete with hand-made decor) homes, that are always mostly clean, well-lit and obviously taken with a great camera. They post of their children’s antics, the crafts they’ve made, the profound things they and their children think and say – all of which implies they haven’t wasted countless hours composing and writing this post and taking, downloading and uploading the accompanying pictures.

So I wonder: where did I go wrong? My house (while I am so very grateful for it – truly I am) is no showpiece. It’s far from new, we don’t have a speck of granite anywhere, I cannot afford fabulously trendy decor or furniture, “shabby chic” is no longer a euphemism for “catch-all” decor, if I post here, it means I have squandered valuable time with my children and household, we rarely do crafts, my children do not wear the “cutest” most fashionable clothes, fight and play a lot, and my pictures pretty much suck.

So please, what step did I miss in accomplishing this life so many others apparently have? Because I just don’t understand……….

Note to self:
Do not blog when in a……mood. Ever.
Why don’t I delete this post? Because I need a reminder of how stupid and selfish I can be sometimes.


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